Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just let it ring

Half a warm appreciation of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, the other half shedding a little more light on its reclusive creator. Best bit: Watterson refusing to take a call from Steven Spielberg.
  • Karl Ritter recaps the recent brouhaha over the Nobel Prize on the Associated Press newswire.
So Knut Ahnlund doesn't particularly care for Elfriede Jelinek's work. Fine. But ask yourself, now: what's the point of the Nobel Prize in the first place? Like any award, it's just an invitation to a club. Clubs belong in junior high school and awards don't change a damn thing.
  • Old news: "Sleeping on it" works. (from 2004)
I suppose it never hurts to be reminded of this. Once you hit the wall, you can either sit there and cry about it or just come back to it later. I suggest the latter.

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