Friday, November 18, 2005

Future 2 future

Somehow I doubt this will catch on, at least with the 0.001% of the world’s population that actually enjoys reading (you know, for fun). Basically it’s just Cliffs Notes for your cell phone, which is great if you’re a hung-over college freshman trying to scrape your way through an 8am Lit-101 class. But it shouldn’t be mistaken for the real thing, and I seriously doubt it will be.
Man, I feel old. I can remember when microfiche was the only way to find my archived newspaper articles. Curtis’ point is that with the advent of digital publishing, collegiate journalists’ sloppiness can now dog them wherever they go... and what’s wrong with that? In my experience, it’s relatively easy for a writer to spit something out, but it’s sometimes harder to get an editor to take the time to help them shape it. The common delusion is that writers operate in a total vacuum, which is not even close to the truth, but having done newspaper and magazine work in the past, I can remember being amazed that some of the crap I wrote got published in the first place. Editors have just as much responsibility as writers to make sure what hits the page is as airtight as it can be. Too much editorial slack, and you get lazy, half-assed, unsubstantiated tripe that shouldn’t even have seen the light of day in the first place... in other words, you get Jayson Blair.


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