Friday, October 06, 2006

Notes from Frankfurt

The Frankfurt Book Fair is going on as we speak. Here's some of the highlights:


Thankfully, GalleyCat is there with some real news, most notably a roundup of the big deals:
Woody Allen's MERE ANARCHY, his first collection of comic writing since his celebrated 1970s books GETTING EVEN and WITHOUT FEATHERS, will be out in August 2007, when Random House US and Ebury will publish the book at the same time. Meanwhile, Felicity Bryan has concluded 'substantial' US and French deals for the latest novel by Iain Pears with Julie Grau at Spiegel & Grau/Doubleday and Francois Triffault at Belfond. STONE'S FALL, will be delivered next year.
Meanwhile, over at the NBCC, John Freeman has gotten his hands on Against the Day. Bastard.

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