Thursday, February 08, 2007

DeLillo's latest

Via Don DeLillo's America:
What it's about: The Scribner Summer 2007 catalog is describing the book like this:

In the opening pages of Falling Man, Keith Neudecker emerges from the smoke and ash of the burning tower where he worked and makes his way to the apartment of his ex-wife and young son uptown. Throughout this bold and haunting novel, DeLillo traces the way the events of September 11 kindled or rekindled relationships, reconfigured our emotional landscape, our memory, and our perception of the world. Falling Man is a direct encounter with the enormous force of history, yet the story is told through the intimate lives of a few people immediately affected. It is beautiful, heartbreaking, and ultimately, redemptive.
DeLillo on 9/11... the mouth waters.

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