Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Never give the booboisie an even break

George H. Thompson began collecting Mencken-related material in 1962 and continued until his death last year, said Cynthia Requardt, the William Kurrelmeyer Curator of Special Collections at the Sheridan Libraries.

"He collected all of Mencken's writings in multiple editions, printings, and translations," Requardt said.

The Ohio accountant then "branched out and collected books that reprinted Mencken works, mentioned Mencken or were inspired by Mencken."

The collection, which will more than double the university's Mencken collection, will be housed at the George Peabody Library, the university announced Tuesday.


BK said...

Now, I know what you are doing during your time at EP...

Jason Comerford said...

Shh... don't tell anyone.