Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The collected works

[Updated 11/10/10.]

This is an index of the online writing I've done for various websites, publications, etc. It's more for my own reference than anything else, but casual readers may find something that amuses them.

I did a small handful of DVD reviews in 2005 for enterprising entertainment journalist Jeffery Wells' website.
This LA-based publication started out in Lukas Kendall's college dorm room back in the 1990s. Their line of CD restorations of film scores is intimidatingly good; the magazine is no longer published in hardcopy format, but is flourishing quite nicely online.

All I can say about all this stuff is that a young writer with more enthusiasm than skill or real-world experience has to start somewhere; most of it is a rank embarrassment to me, juvenile and knee-jerk in all the worst ways. Just read "Memoirs of a True Geek" and leave it at that.

There are a few pieces that were in the print magazine and not online; they can be read at FSM's site, with a $5 monthly subscription. Below are the pieces that live on the free side:
* - From the printed editions of Film Score Monthly. All other non-asterisk'd articles were written exclusively for the FSM website.
  • Errata:
Miscellaneous other stuff that I've written. There's a lot of other non-film- and film-music-related material that I've written for various jobs, etc. that I plan on archiving online at some point.

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