Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The morons are back

It's the usual lunacy, or, in the immortal words of Drew Curtis: "It's that time of year again: another asshat parent discovers their precious snowflake's high school literature assignments aren't all about puppies and flowers, and promptly throws a hissy fit"...
A student group is vowing to sue the Kanawha County Board of Education if the removal of "Beach Music" and "The Prince of Tides" from two Nitro High School classes is made permanent and expanded countywide.

In a move that appeased neither side, the board decided Monday to explore using advisory labels on books that show content for violence, language, sexual content or adult situations.

The book challenge is one of hundreds reported to the American Library Association every year on requests to have materials removed from schools or libraries, including the popular Harry Potter series, which some Christians believe promotes witchcraft.

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