Friday, March 21, 2008

No country for flawed men

The grounds? "Moral turpitude."

Quick, let's get everyone in Congress -- or just the New York state senate, for starters -- to hop on a plane and then have to come back through customs. We really need to start thinking seriously, as a country, about weeding out moral turpitude.
Horsley said he had a previous conviction in the US for possession of amphetamine sulphate but assumed it had expired. However, his book did not do him any favours with the immigration officers.

"They said ... they knew I had been a crack addict, a heroin addict and a prostitute," he said.

"The good news was that they'd read the book - but the bad news was they'd read the book, and I was deported for my notoriety and for being an alien convicted of a crime involving 'moral turpitude'."

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