Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And next the world

Yay Bill.

Bill Blackburn, a 29-year-old who submitted a video to the Quiznos contest, said it was clear to him what Quiznos had wanted.

“You were supposed to show why Subway was the lesser of the two subs, and the whole point of it was to show a Quiznos sub dominating a Subway sub,” said Mr. Blackburn, who makes ads in Lexington, Ky., and has participated in several national ad contests. In his video, he dropped Quiznos and Subway sandwiches onto the ground, and it was Subway’s that needed “medical attention,” as he termed it.

“Quiznos led you to believe it was O.K. to do it,” Mr. Blackburn said. “It’s like mudslinging, in a sense. Like politicians slinging mud back and forth at each other. I took it that it was all fair in business.”

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